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Wagtail Room (3-4 years)

Your child's educators in the

Wagtail's Room are:

Kellie Rosseland: Wagtail Group Leader

Marni Margerison: Wagtail Assistant

Shiann Hodgkin

Nanktaka Pengprakhon

Tiarne Doneman

Marissa Ingram

Our ratio in the wagtail room is 1:10. Unlike most long-daycare centres, our 3-4 years age group have their own room. As experienced Educators, we believe that this not only enables a better preschool program in the Roos room, but also helps the Wagtail children to enjoy activities best suited to their age group.


02 6495 3304

We design a weekly curriculum based on children's interests, strengths and areas to improve.

The activities we provide promote a healthy lifestyle, free-thinking and an all-around positive attitude.
On a daily basis, we enjoy dancing, reading, telling news during group time as well as numerous other activities. We give the children choice in how they wish to spend their time, while also adhering to a schedule to make transitions for all children as easy as possible. 

Our schedule outlines meal times as well as indoor and outdoor play times. When we are outdoors, the Wagtails and the Roos interact closely as their play area is the very same. This enables friendships to be made between the ages of 3-5 and enhances children's social skills immeasurably. 

The Wagtail Room offers children aged three to four years an environment where they can explore, construct, imagine, create and learn through play. Highly qualified, experienced Educators offer our children a safe and secure environment that caters for each individual; offering experiences that engage and enhance learning.