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Penguin Room

(2-3 years)


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Your child's educators in the Penguin's Room are:

Danielle Toki: Penguin's Group Leader

Alyce Hanley: Penguins Room Assistant

Omara Crossley, Kristy Stanford, Alisa Western, Marissa Ingram, Gail McPaul

In the Penguins room, our ratio is 1:5. This ensures that as Educators, we are able to provide close supervision and support to all children in our care.


We develop a fortnightly curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and its five outcomes. Through this, we provide activities through which children are able to develop their skills across a broad range of subjects. As well as the EYLF, we focus on developmental milestones and ensure we do our best to strengthen children's speech, gross and fine, cognitive and emotional skills. 

We encourage independence and individuality through free play, stories, meal times and toileting regimes. Self help skills are developed in our room through encouraging children to put on their own shoes, apply sunscreen, feed themselves and through being responsible for putting away their comforters and toys etc. We are always there to assist them if need be.


We combine indoor and outdoor play to encourage socialisation skills. Our outdoor area is combined with the Koalas' and our outdoor curriculum involves activities designed to cater for children aged 0-3 years. We focus on sensory play, ball skills, dance and many other intentional teaching methods of play.