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Koala Room (0-2 Years)


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From 6 weeks-2 years

Your child's educators in the Koala Room are:

Kerry-Lyn Tinson: Koala's Group Leader

Amy Barker: Koala Room Assistant

Omara Crossley

Alisa Western

Kristy Stanford

Marissa Ingram

Gail McPaul

In adhering to NSW child supervision legislation, the ratio for educator:child in the Koala's room is 1:4. Through this, we are able to interact closely with your child, ensuring the best possible care.

In the Koala's room, all children's routines are flexible; determined by personal and individual needs. We use effective routines to help make predictable transitions smoothly throughout the day. 


We ensure children are provided with supportive, secure and safe opportunities designed to facilitate their learning. 

Educators at Merimbula-Tura Kindergarten program for each child individually. We do this by building secure attachments and relationships observing each child - documenting actions, strengths, abilities, interests and what challenges them. As a parent, anything we document on your child will be readily available for you to read. 

The activities planned in the Koala's room, are developmentally appropriate and goals are set for your child to achieve.