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We understand that leaving your children in someone else's care can be a daunting experience. No matter how long you've had to prepare for it, it is never easy to leave your children in a place that you are not familiar with on a personal level. It is for this reason that we have an open door policy - any parent or guardian is welcome to come tour Merimbula-Tura Kindergarten at any time. There will always be one of our friendly staff available to show you around! If you are not comfortable just showing up for a tour, you're welcome to give us a call on 02 6495 3304 to create an appointment to tour our wonderful education and care facility.

We ensure the absolute best quality care through collaboration with families, between educators and with children on all matters.

To the educators at MTK, there is nothing more important than ensuring we provide a safe, educational, caring space in which your children can flourish.

We support all children in their development and with your permission, document their achievements, their interests and their development for you to witness and appreciate as your children grow and learn. 

Our centre runs smoothly through the help of our policies and procedures which break down our practice throughout the day to ensure that we are meeting national regulations and the needs of your children. To access a complete list of our policies please click here

It is important to note that our educators are all qualified, experienced and committed to using their knowledge of your children's interests, skill set and needs to develop a curriculum that will encompass every child's needs to achieve and maintain a high standard of learning. All of our observations, our curriculum development as well as our daily practice are based on your child's development in relation to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). To access a copy of the EYLF please click here.

For further information regarding any of the above information or for general inquiries please call 02 6495 3304, email as at or access our Contact Us page. 


Here at MTK, we have numerous policies which enable us to follow state and national regulations in a simplified way. Through this, we are able to ensure that we are meeting and extending upon all legal requirements involved in caring for and educating your children.


Families whom have children enrolled at Merimbula-Tura Kindergarten can access our policies via the documents tab on Kinderm8.

If you are a prospective parent or family member and you would like a copy of our policy manual, do not hesitate to contact Merimbula-Tura Kindergarten on 02 6495 3304, or via our email

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